Life is the religion

Life religion Life is the religionWhy is life the religion? Because life is primary. Without life, nothing important to us is possible. It may seem trivial but it’s easy to take the life religion for granted until we are at risk. We do not have an endless supply of tomorrows to finally begin our “real life.” This is it! This life is the incarnation of matter itself and, even more, matter becoming more conscious. Every deception and mistake and every discovery of truth is Continue reading Life is the religion

Truth is better than the alternative

truth alternative“Not everyone is lucky enough to have access to facts that controvert flawed beliefs. Still, when the truth embedded in events of life threaten our viewpoints, we may excuse contrary facts as an exception to the rule and the beliefs stand as strong as before. The more serious the disillusionment, the more difficult it becomes to Continue reading Truth is better than the alternative

Forbidden Subjects | Hindi | निषिद्ध षििय

Forbidden Subjects Hindi

Forbidden Subjects Hindi

Let us let go of taboos when encountering poems. A lyricist
mixes metaphors like a cook making soup. Before you taste
this broth, be warned, I like spice! When we allow bold
statements, we quickly clarify ideas that Continue reading Forbidden Subjects | Hindi | निषिद्ध षििय

Love renounces all limits

Love“Who do you know who does not place a boundary around his love? We are afraid others will use us and that our desire for love makes us foolish. In deference to this fear, we try to be smart and use others in the name of love for our own ends. We become what we fear and keep things hidden from our mates, especially the secrets that would show our real thoughts and behaviors. Then Continue reading Love renounces all limits

Let’s not suffer fiction

Let’s not suffer fiction“The more intense the emotion, the more we feel justified in imposing our feelings, even if we generate those feelings through fiction. Christians burned people before the public eye believing they were witches and heretics. In relationships we suffer fiction, countless men and women endured derision and violence from a lover for imagined reasons. Our prejudices will run automatically unless we have a pressing reason to arrest them. We will dare attempting trial and error when we must. Ridding ourselves of errors, including the mistakes of past generations, is to remove the rubbish; the alternative is to live in a mental garbage dump.” Continue reading Let’s not suffer fiction

Moral Policing Hypocrisy


“Many teachings advocate repressing desire in pursuit of ideals. Then, believers seek obscure loopholes in their beliefs in order to indulge in forbidden fruits [hypocrisy.] Women accused of immorality in orthodox cultures are shamed, beaten, groped, raped and, even, killed by fanatics [hypocrisy] pointing at religious justifications. Such gross rationalizations for anger and lust continue even as believers condemn the violence, but cower before challenging the beliefs. The moderates seem almost invisible behind those individuals who compel attention with radical and, often, violent behavior.” Continue reading Moral Policing Hypocrisy

Understanding Conservatives

Understanding ConservativesUnderstanding Conservatives

“Let us not console ourselves by imagining that the worst of beliefs abides in the past. Even if we omit current religious conflict as political, the fate of women under the auspices of custom is one inescapable measure of social coercion and violence. Even today, extremists throw acid in the faces of girls who don’t dress conservatively or girls who dare to want an education. In Africa, fools hiding behind tradition literally slice off a girl’s capacity for sexual joy. In the West, it seems that neutralizing women’s sexuality also happens, using sexual shame instead of a knife. The shaming can go so deep that some women feel guilty for wanting pleasure; other women have a great difficulty finding sexual joy. Similar shaming affects men in different ways; the guilty conflict over the impulse for sexual joy creates unneeded stress. If we ignore the correlation between sexual dysfunction and the moral shaming typically rooted in religion, we are being willfully ignorant.Meet the Author Todd Vickers in India

Do not forget the cruelty of depriving a child of sex education, factual history, science or any of the best knowledge currently available. The withholding of reliable knowledge still happens in America today. Invariably religious-minded people are involved with such censorship. If you want to make your own judgments, leave admiration for holy showmen behind. To be fair, religious moderates do not cause the harm that fanatics do, but the same arguments from scripture justify moderates and extremists in their beliefs”.

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Our freedom

Let’s do new things, discover new joys and make new mistakes.

Donkey Freedom

“An ass may pull a cart in pursuit of a desired carrot that a master dangles in front of its face. The master can yield the carrot to the beast when the work is over. I hope we agree that this enslaved animal choosing to pursue a desire is not what we mean when we discuss our ability to choose. Remember, the carrot is at least a thing that the donkey can actually eat. Many undeserving authorities appeal to our desires by offering immaterial objects of thought, mere concepts dangled in front of us so we will pull another kind of cart. In this case, what motivates our actions need never be realized to maintain its power to motivate us. That actuating force is our own power to conceive of future benefits, in this life or another.”

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Fictional beliefs about ourselves

Clip WingsWe fear letting go of superstitions and biased beliefs that pretend to explain the world and ourselves. Many who imagined a limit on what females could accomplish have been as wrong as those individuals who said that humans would never fly. For centuries, women appeared inferior, not just to men, but to women as well. People viewed (many still do) women through the distorting lens of sexual bias. If the example of women contradicting so many beliefs of sexism will not convince you that the explanations that we take for truths are doubtful, then I wonder what will.

Sometimes it is wonderful to be wrong!

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