Freedom – International Women’s Day 2017

What is womens freedomOn International Women’s Day 2017, let’s ask what is freedom? Since there is no object in the world we can point at and say ‘this is what I mean by freedom’, it is clear that freedom is an idea, and we can’t analyze it well. We can’t define freedom in concrete terms but we know when we DON’T have it, especially if we lose it. We may be in a beautiful home surrounded by wonderful people, but the moment we realize that we are not allowed to leave, that home becomes a prison. When we lose access to choices because of someone else’s decision, the unnecessary limits reveal a lack of freedom. Continue reading Freedom – International Women’s Day 2017

Our freedom

Let’s do new things, discover new joys and make new mistakes.

Donkey Freedom

“An ass may pull a cart in pursuit of a desired carrot that a master dangles in front of its face. The master can yield the carrot to the beast when the work is over. I hope we agree that this enslaved animal choosing to pursue a desire is not what we mean when we discuss our ability to choose. Remember, the carrot is at least a thing that the donkey can actually eat. Many undeserving authorities appeal to our desires by offering immaterial objects of thought, mere concepts dangled in front of us so we will pull another kind of cart. In this case, what motivates our actions need never be realized to maintain its power to motivate us. That actuating force is our own power to conceive of future benefits, in this life or another.”

Excerpt From: The Relevance of Kabir

Stop! Have you heard anything like this before?

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