Truth is better than the alternative

truth alternative“Not everyone is lucky enough to have access to facts that controvert flawed beliefs. Still, when the truth embedded in events of life threaten our viewpoints, we may excuse contrary facts as an exception to the rule and the beliefs stand as strong as before. The more serious the disillusionment, the more difficult it becomes to explain away contradictions. When events of our lives surpass our capacities to rationalize, then our confidence will shatter, particularly regarding beliefs about ourselves.

Kabir’s poems take the place of disillusioning events to quicken our understanding about life. When we let go of prejudices, we gain access to alternative ways of responding.”

Excerpt: The Relevance of Kabir

We may live with a false belief and it’s results indefinitely. We won’t recognize the consequences of a false belief until we know it is false. The result is we live with the consequences of false beliefs and take them for granted as ‘just the way things are.’ Now ponder how any and such falsehood limits our choices. Instead of adapting ourselves to the world as it is NOT, let’s adapt to the world closer and closer to the way it is. Then we live and love in a world more and more real and that is worthwhile.

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