Pleasure is NOT the problem

PleasureLets talk of pleasure.

“Kabir dances, sings and knows the joys of life and love. Why is he so terse with people, so critical? He is not condemning the pleasures of life, but our beliefs about them and what we think satiety would do for us.

The search for more plagues us, while we cling to the idea of how things ought to be.

Someone thinks, “If ‘I’ had that lover, if ‘I’ were beautiful, if ‘I’ had more money or if ‘I’ were enlightened, then ‘I’ would be content.” We know the limits of gratification; they are obvious from the satisfaction of past desires. Lovers seem to be the most precious treasures, especially when out of our reach. Nevertheless, when we imagine we possess them, we taint the love with our expectations because no matter how good the lovers are, they cannot do for us what we demand. We even resent them for coming up short. The same holds for owning objects. The hourglass drains, while we waste our time believing the superstitions about contented wants.”

Excerpted from: The Relevance of Kabir


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