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Understanding Pain

Understanding Pain Nurturing Love

76 Understanding pain is vital if we wish to bring relief to useless suffering. To reduce useless pain is nurturing to love.  But what does that actually mean?     We should understand two sources of suffering.


Todd talks on spiritual experience

The pros and cons of spiritual experience with reference to the poet Kabir at Lamakaan in Hyderabad, India. In the wood where lions don’t tread and birds don’t fly, Kabir ranges in empty meditation. Why empty meditation? Why did Kabir reject rights and ceremonies.


Lamakaan discussion on spiritual experience

Spiritual experience in the light of Kabir The talk by author Todd Vickers involved some of Kabir’s most skeptical poems and his rejection of rites and ceremonies. Gorakh was yoga’s connoisseur. They didn’t cremate his body. Still his meat rotted and mixed with dust. For nothing he polished his body.  We discussed the mistake of creating an...