Stampeding American Bigotry

Stampeding American BigotryWatch the the video of white Nationalists raise their hands in Nazi salutes and yell Heil Trump. Combine this with several foreigners being shot publicly in the US, by assailants shouting go back to your own country, we need a serious conversation about the new reemergence of American bigotry. The old prejudice is now adapting to an on-line world where beliefs, both true and false, find a large audience. Let’s determine what problem we are trying to solve. We wish to avoid organized abuse of minorities, including bloodshed at the hands of the state.  Continue reading Stampeding American Bigotry

Freedom – International Women’s Day 2017

What is womens freedomOn International Women’s Day 2017, let’s ask what is freedom? Since there is no object in the world we can point at and say ‘this is what I mean by freedom’, it is clear that freedom is an idea, and we can’t analyze it well. We can’t define freedom in concrete terms but we know when we DON’T have it, especially if we lose it. We may be in a beautiful home surrounded by wonderful people, but the moment we realize that we are not allowed to leave, that home becomes a prison. When we lose access to choices because of someone else’s decision, the unnecessary limits reveal a lack of freedom. Continue reading Freedom – International Women’s Day 2017

Americans Need Indian Genius

Indian GeniusWhy Indian Genius? Any people who dare to question beliefs are precious, regardless of where they’re from because flawed or false beliefs cause immeasurable useless misery. In every culture there exists its highest contribution to humanity and social diseases in the form of poisonous beliefs. It is a rare person who can apply an antidote to poisonous beliefs in the face of cultural pressures. I introduce here two examples of Indian genius, Kabir and B.R. Ambedkar.
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