Relevance of Kabir author Todd Vickers to visit India in April 2017 | Meet the Author

Todd Vickers
Todd Vickers

Join us for for talks discussing The Relevance of Kabir with the Author Todd Vickers. The talks focus on meditation and questioning our beliefs. Keep an eye on this page for upcoming details on upcoming talks. To find out more  about the author, read his latest piece called How Sex is Inflaming Indian Youth Suicide. Check out the Vivriti Blog for a taste of the this author on diverse subjects and view the short videos at the YouTube channel.


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The Relevance of Kabir : A talk by Todd Vickers APR 13 Public – Hosted by Hyderabad Trails

The Relevance of Kabir

Author Todd Vickers talks at Lamakaan Sunday February 26, 2017 2:00 pm at, in Hyderabad


Americans Need Indian Genius

“Any people who dare to question beliefs are precious, regardless of where they’re from because flawed or false beliefs cause immeasurable useless misery. In every culture there exists its highest contribution to humanity and social diseases in the form of poisonous beliefs. It is a rare person who can apply an antidote to poisonous beliefs in the face of cultural pressures. I introduce here two examples of Indian genius, Kabir and B.R. Ambedkar.”

Todd Vickers