Respect life in the sexes

Respect lifeLet’s respect life. “In some countries, morality took a forward step, both men and woman became mutually a means; the usury became more symmetrical. Each person owned a share in the other person. It was quid pro quo; a transaction just like we have with a vendor in a roadside market. However, the consideration is not black and white. When we ask for help, or share the bills or, like myself, ask a beloved to make coffee in the morning, we are using another person. The benefits we share by helping each other are not the problem. When we see others only as a way to achieve something, then we are in a prison of selfishness. When another has value beyond what he or he does for us, then his or her life, happiness and choices are precious. These people can say no to us and remain lovable.

Excerpt: The Relevance of Kabir, by Todd Vickers

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