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Do you want intimate relationship? Try the truth

intimate relationshipMany of us want deep intimate relationship with others. We long for shared connections and affections involving our whole body, senses and mind because intimacy is part of a good life. Why does such communion seem so elusive? The question invokes ideals built mostly on social influences and our past. To be unaware of how we conceive intimate relationship leads to treating our questionable beliefs as fact. Let’s look at some problems and then solutions. Continue reading Do you want intimate relationship? Try the truth

How Sex is Inflaming Indian Youth Suicide

Youth SuicideYouth suicide involves personal, medical, family and social matters. A complex subject and worse for a foreigner, but I’ll offer a different, perspective. I’ll focus solely on sex as one part of the issue. Let’s view the touchy subject of sex in perspective of some of the largest worldwide suicide rates among educated youth. Let’s be brave and have a rational discussion.

One night in 1985, my friend Mike Neff hit his girlfriend. I disapproved. My mistake was assuming there would be a tomorrow.

He chose a permanent solution to a temporary problem. He hung himself.

Continue reading How Sex is Inflaming Indian Youth Suicide

Kabir Project Discovery

kabir projectI had the fortune to discover the Kabir Project and meet Shabnam Virmani and Vipul Rikhi in Bangalore last weekend. Their wonderful work video records the oral tradition of Kabir that passes down the generations through song. They also give their videos with subtitles. Kabir fiercely defended life and love Continue reading Kabir Project Discovery

Facing Death (With Compassion)

Facing DeathThe phone rings, if it’s a friend or family calling, we answer casually. But a tone in the voice compels our attention to bad news. We get the message we are facing death and the shock of loss. We need to know how to face death with compassion because someone we know is gone forever. All their hopes and plans, at a full stop. When we hang up and our first response to the news subsides, our attention turns to those most affected, the lovers, family and other friends. Consider facing death with compassion so we can Continue reading Facing Death (With Compassion)

Find New Life

Find New LifeHow to find new life? You follow the impulses toward a better life, even when it’s hard. That is what I do, and it’s not easy but the alternative is a prison of routine and amusement seeking to avoid feeling dead. Remember the sprout struggles out of the seed. The chick struggles out of the shell, the bud struggles to open, the fledgling struggles on the edge of the nest, for the sky beckons. I’m sure it’s terrifying, those wings have never had the chance before. It’s not easy. Maybe you think you’re Continue reading Find New Life

Understanding Pain Nurturing Love

Understanding pain
When we mistake ideas for facts.

Understanding pain is vital if we wish to bring relief to useless suffering. To reduce useless pain is nurturing to love.  But what does that actually mean?



We should understand two sources of suffering. Continue reading Understanding Pain Nurturing Love

Religion When Rome Fell – Today’s Relevance

Religion Rome and the fallWhat’s the value of religion? I ask religious people professing that the morality of their religion guides them in their daily lives, does it really? What about those who claimed a religious morality in the past, but disregarded it when it did not serve their purposes? We could discuss the Inquisition, the Crusades, witch burning, or that the uniform of Nazi soldiers included belt buckles that said Gott Mit Uns (God With Us), but, today, let’s go back to Rome. Continue reading Religion When Rome Fell – Today’s Relevance

Sexual Harassment Slut Shaming – Cultural Differences

Sexual harassmentSlut shaming amounts to a variety of sexual harassment, it seeks to use social forces to stifle a life impulse for real or imaginary reasons. What a terrible thing to do to any living being. Nobody wants their own life force used against them as a weapon. Girls endure this harassment much worse than boys due to double standards. Cultural differences exist. In America, we don’t have moral police or religious sects attacking us with canes when kissing Continue reading Sexual Harassment Slut Shaming – Cultural Differences